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Wigs in the heat🥵

Its already a lot of work looking clean and beautiful. We also have to smell good no matter what we do..... Besides who likes to smell like they just hopped out of a garbage can ? If you're a person that lives an active life or sweats a lot; Shea Potion's Cucumber mint, Coco mint or Watermelon tea tree is an excellent choice for you! The cucumber & coco mint leaves your scalp/skin with a fresh cool feeling that relaxes you and neutralizes potential foul odor. The watermelon tea tree also gives a cool feeling. The tea tree kills germs and neutralizes potential foul odor. !00% pure watermelon extract into essential oils. Sticking to natural ingredients is always the way to go when it comes to taking care of your body inside and out. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to take off your wig around someone and the smell that releases in the room almost kills everyone 😱. Don't ruin a vacation with your lover because your head is not🫢 smelling👃🏾right.

Get the full protection from the root to the ends of your hair due to all of the natural ingredients used to make Shea Potion's. BTW, book your appointment today for a custom made wig or wig install. Use code *Luvme* for 10% off first bookings and *freesheapotion*

for a travel size shea potion Free after 2 or more purchases of Shea potion's.


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