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Black women are very creative with styling their hair. We are versatile and have always been that way for centuries. That doesn't mean all black men love every hairstyle we ever created. Through the years, I think that I have asked this question to most black men in the barber shop. "What hairstyles do you like to see on black women?"

"MOST" of them say, " I just like a woman that can do styles with her own hair. You know.... like natural s?@t! I don't care if it's a relaxer, braids or styling her natural hair texture, I prefer natural beauty, yah understand?"

"THE REST" said " I don't care what she does to her hair, once it looks good after it's done. Well I personally think men don't know what they like SOMETIMES! (no offense men ❤). Because I have observed the same group of men I interviewed, watched as two women walked past the barber shop. One of the women looked like a diva! bright colored weave and makeup. The other woman looked nice but was plain. Hair in a bun and no makeup. Best believe that the bright color weave woman gets almost all of the attention. Sooooo, then I asked the "Team natural" men, Why were y'all trying to talk to the girl with the weave instead of the natural sis.? They said,....................... "Oh! cause those be the wild ones." All I could do is shake my head lol. So at that time, I just came to the conclusion that a man is gonna have to accept me for me but, I am still willing to compromise as well. I do believe that men don't wanna see a drastic change when a woman removes her weave and makeup. Some women never let their man see their natural hair. They always make sure that their weave/wig is on point!

Hey! whatever makes you happy 😅


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