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Grey, silver, white hair is still trending. I call it "Wisdom hair"❤

It may be known as grey, silver, white or platinum hair but, I like to call it "WISDOM HAIR" . All of these hair colors are still trending in black women's hairstyles. Back in the days no woman would dare wear these wisdom colors. Some women didn't think it would be appealing to a man if they were single and trying to find someone. Some married women didn't show their hair at all because they think that their husbands wouldn't like it. They didn't want to look like an "old women". Wearing any hair color that was close to grey hair was considered taboo.

It was considered taboo because only older women around age 50-up wore grey hair at that time. Wisdom hair has been trending for a couple of years now. Seen in various hairstyles with women of all ages. Because wisdom hair is still trending, women are feeling more comfortable wearing their wisdom hair more freely. Young women are wearing wisdom hair on wigs and it looks marvelous. Women now realize that wisdom hair doesn't make you look old. Celebrities like "Monique and Tia mowry" look amazing with their wisdom hair.

Which motivates other women to feel comfortable to rock their grey hair. Some people develop wisdom hairs very early in their lives. It's rare but some people are born with wisdom hair. Seeing wisdom hair can make some people nervous. So the first thing on their mines is to color it. Once again, it was considered an old person thing to have wisdom hairs. Eventually more grey hairs would form and it was just a tiring repetitive process. I was very happy when women started appreciating their wisdom hairs. I understand it may not be easy in the beginning to accept them. But, there are so many hairstyles out there that I'm sure you can incorporate wisdom hairs!

I myself have been wearing the low wisdom haircut style. While others grow wisdom hair so easily, I have to go through a tedious color removal process(scalp may sometimes be tender from the hair lighten process) to get the final white results. My hair then gets very weak and brittle. I hate that part. I tried to deep condition my hair every week to keep from breakage but, eventually my hair would break off. I used to do all of that just to get the platinum wisdom look. I think wisdom hair is beautiful and that you should find your own personal look that suits your wisdom color hair. If you're still not into rocking any wisdom color, that's cool! Wisdom hair is not for everyone's liking. Just make sure that you love and take care of the hair that you're blessed with. It belongs to you and only you 🥰.


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