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Do you get neck pain after your workout due to the weight of your hair extensions????

Box braids with rod ends
Box braids with a lot of feed-in hair to make the hair look very full

Long crochet hairstyle
26" Crochet hairstyle (yes, it's long and heavy)

I seriously started working out during the first month of the pandemic in 2020. As soon as we had the shut down in Brooklyn NY, I gained 20 pounds (maybe more) in like 2 weeks. I actually put on those unnecessary pounds so fast, yikes! ... Anyway, I decided to add working out as a part of my lifestyle. My father and my uncle are workout fans 🦾. So, as soon as they saw me they was like "I keep telling you, you have to exercise gyrl". All I can say is " I know, I know and I will."

My main concern with working out is my dang hair!!! As a hairstylist, I love to wear different "hair do's"👩🏾‍🦰 👱🏾👩🏽‍🦱. Braids and twists are my favorite hairstyles to wear. I have always been like that. But!!!!! when you decide to make working out a part of your lifestyle, your hair options shorten. Forget about getting a silk-press. It will never last especially with my 4a-4c hair type that I love so much 🥰. I will only do a silk-press when I don't have a workout plan the following day. Obviously, Braids and twist will be the best choices for a workout style. But, there will still be a problem for me.... the weight of it all 🙄.

It is so hard for me to complete my workouts without " FEELING LIKE" I'm balancing a basket (with fruits inside) on my head. I feel that way because the only option for long heavy hair is to put your hair up in a high donut bun. Also, because of the weight, my neck is on fire with pain after the workout. I "think" I'm over the phrase "beauty is pain". I'll take the beauty with very little to no pain.

I eventually decided to reduce the hair amount I use in my braid styles. I actually like "NOT" using so much hair on my head. I think using less hair looks more natural on me and complements my face. Most importantly, my workouts are more comfortable to do. My neck doesn't have the strain like before. I can do a donut bun on top of my head or, put my hair in a high ponytail without it weighing down. I also, shorten the length of my hairstyle choices just a little. I do that If I feel the weight of the extension is on the heavy side. I care a lot about my edges. That's another good reason enough for me to "lighten up the load" when it comes to my hair. Using less braiding hair allows the air to pass through my scalp freely. My scalp definitely doesn't itch as much when I use less hair. Plus I can moisturize my scalp (with my Shea Potion) with no issues.

I do believe that most of the time there are ways you can alter your pain to get the style you want. Meaning that you don't have to go through so much pain to look beautiful. When the hair is less heavy most likely you will keep the style longer than if it was too heavy. Your wallet will love that!


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