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How long should I leave my braids/extensions in and how can I keep my hair moisturized???

4-6 weeks is the suggested time length that your hair extensions should be worn. Exceeding that time length can be very critical for your hair. Your hair will soon start to build up lint and dirt where the braid is intertwined. Even if you wash your hair with your extensions still intact, there will still be buildup in between the braids. This is because the lint and dirt are in hard to reach places for your finger scrubbing maneuvers to reach; and shampoo/conditioners to be rinsed out thoroughly. More hair than usual will come out while combing and detangling when you take down/loose out your hair. Some people like to leave extensions in for up to 8 weeks. It is recommended that you do not go beyond 2 months.

hair being braided

Going past 8 weeks risk a lot of hair lost when your hair is being detangle/combed out. No matter what detangling brush or comb you use. It can be painful as well . You know "you done did it" if your hair gets to the point of bad tangles resembling a dreadlock afro.

This is why it is also important to always have your hair /scalp moisturized. When your hair and scalp is always moisturized it's hard to form any tangles because the softness and moisture prevents dryness and unwanted tangled locs. This consists of moisturizing your scalp/hair at least 2-3 times a week. Sometimes you may not feel like moisturizing your own scalp/hair. Just ask a friend, your children or a family member to help you out. Don't forget to return the favor! 💞 Back in the days when I was growing up, we used to say to each other "grease my scalp please" lol.

Shea potion is perfect for preventing any tangling issues. It's very moisturizing, not greasy. Shea Potion has natural ingredients and the cost wont break your pockets. You should invest in Shea Potions and experience its amazing moisture with your hair and skin. Use as many times a week as you would like. Always freshly made and ready to be used.

Shea Potions moisturizer for hair and skin
Shea Potions moisturizer for hair and skin

Shea Potions moisturizer for hair and skin


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