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2 in 1 benefits from Shea Potion's

Now a days, more women are wearing wigs, weaves and braids. All of these styles are beautiful but we also want to smell as good as we look. Being a hairstylist for many many years, you have no choice but to encounter some clients most embarrassing moments. As far as unpleasant smells like when clients get their wigs taken off to get it redone, weave take downs or braids take out. Also, the massive amount of dandruff that comes out when the stylist is taking down your hair from an old hairstyle.... yikes!

Daily exercising, private relations in the bedroom with your mate, and running after the kids even doing house work all produce sweat that most def leads to unwanted🫢order.

Shea Potions is created specifically for these issues. Shea Potion is a combination of 4 unfiltered, pure and natural ingredients with essential oils that not only benefits your scalp and hair..... It also benefits your skin in many ways as well😍. So basically you can use it from head to toe as a universal nourishing moisturizer. Never heavy, light and goes on smooth. Get smoother, clearer and glowing Skin. A natural sunscreen without chemicals!!!

Very safe for kids and elders to use daily. Helps clear up eczema and other minor skin problems. ❤This is a product the entire family will love.


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