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The ultimate guide to moisturizing and greasing your scalp and hair as a black woman

I love to wear extensions, as far as braids. It benefits as a protective style option. You also don't have to worry about styling your hair everyday. Just get up and go, right?....

We also need to remember that braids is great for growing your hair as well. So a bonus that helps achieve that is moisturizing your scalp and hair a.k.a "grease my scalp plz" lol.

I have always loved to get my scalp/hair moisturized. It feels soooo good and relaxing, and I never want it to stop. It stops the crazy itching that comes along with hair growth and dry scalp. Moisturizing my scalp gives me positive feelings that helps me feel rejuvenated.

When I was a teenager, moisturizing my scalp/hair made my friends and I come up with an agreement.... "If you grease my scalp, I'll do yours?" That agreement was for man, women and child for me. I didn't care whom it was scalp that I was moisturizing. Just remember,

when I'm done with you, then it's my turn, boo! 💆🏾‍♀

It is great to moisturize your scalp/hair whenever necessary especially if you have dry scalp issues. Moisturizing your scalp could be done every other day, every 3 days or every week. If you have no issues, every week is cool. It's easier to moisturize hair that is braided vs hair that's just out and natural. Braids are already sectioned so all you have to do is apply and massage to scalp and hair. Hair that's out and natural takes a longer time because of parting and sectioning,, but it still should be properly moisturized. You should always moisturize your scalp/hair before any braid, re-twist loc or weave style. It ease's tension most of the time and softens the hair.


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