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Most likely if you don't want to get a relaxer done on your hair, you would do a silk press. You can get your curls back vs permanent straight hair with a silk-press. The versatility is what everyone wants and that's cool once there is some sort of protection for your hair from the heat process. Yes, sleekness and shine is important too!

The 1st add-on that should be incorporated with a silk- press is a Deep condition/treatment. Deep conditioning your hair is like feeding your hair vitamins. It should be done at least every 2-4 weeks to your hair. Your hair gets stronger and grows when you stay consistent with it. Your hair will maintain a healthy moisture level and have a pleasant shine. So, don't feel too lazy to treat your hair as it should be treated.

The 2nd add-on that should be incorporated with a silk-press is a trim. Trimming your ends is equally important as a deep conditioner because not only does split ends look bad; it contributes to hair breakage. Trimming your ends every 2-3 months is advised for your best results. Trimming your dead ends prevents your hair from tangling which causes hair breakage.

When you follow the 2 steps to maintain healthy hair, no matter what style you do you will always look like a diva.

*P.S. Keeping your hair away from humidity helps your silk-press last longer without having to retouch your hair with a hot tool.*

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