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Can an old tangled wig be revived?

Many people give up on a wig that has many tangles and is dry. Most of the time the wig can be saved 😱. You would actually be spending less money💸 if you would refresh your wigs. You wouldn't have to buy a brand new wig and have someone customize it for you. Which would cost more than an old wig revive. A wig revive is quicker than getting your hair done, especially when you don't have the time to do your own hair. You can drop off your wig to a professional and pick it up when the stylist is done. It usually takes a couple of hours or 1-3 days depending on your stylist. When you revive old wigs, you can get various styles out of it. You can change the part, cut it into a shorter style or change the curl pattern. You will fall right back in love with your revived wig and regret forgetting about her, lol.

There are some wigs that can "not" be revived. The lace might be too ripped up. The part may not be changed because it's a " T " part wig. Too much hair is missing from the top to try to cover. The tracks are missing too much hair, etc. There are some clients that expect you to perform a miracle on a really messed up wig. Most of the time you would be surprised by the results when the stylist is done.

So, stop throwing away your old wigs and start getting them refreshed on a monthly basis. To help keep your hair smelling great and protected under your wig, use one of my Shea Potions. Shea Potions not only keeps your hair nourish and healthy under the wig but it also has an amazing smell that everyone will love 🥰.

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