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Finger wave hairstyles are trending again

I have been a hairstylist straight out the womb... just kidding... well it feels like it. For all the years that I have been doing hair, I have noticed that every hairstyle comes back in a matter of decades, from my experience.

Like finger waves, I remember that they were popping in the early 90's and decades before that. My mother was a hairstylist and she had so many finger wave clients. At that time she charged $35 for wash and finger wave short hairstyles. Nowadays, don't even think about paying that price especially when everything dun gone up! But, hopefully Its still one of the cheapest styles to get if your hair is already cut short.

Some of the "PROS" for getting finger waves is that

-It lasts for up to 2 weeks.

-You don't have to style your hair in the morning or night.

-Just tie it down before bed time.

-Finger waves can be designed in many style forms which can include weaving hair.

I have to admit there are like 3 big "CONS" I have with finger waves.

-You can't exercise with it because the sweat will make the finger waves soft and start to collapse.

-You can't go swimming with finger waves for obvious reasons.

-Finally, "THE DRYER PROCESS". Everyone I know hates sitting under the darn dryer, lol. The least it takes to be dry is about 45-60 mins... Some styles are a little longer.

I still love creating finger waves tho. You can now get them done on your wig or buy a wig with it already on it. Usually the already styled finger waved wig has to be customized to your face. No matter what style thats in season now, it already has been around before you were even born. Just ask the elders!

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