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For decades black women have a time in the year, where we don't want to be bothered with our hair. Meaning that we just want to be able to "get up and go". Our hair takes more time to style than other races do because of our hair texture. The curls in our hair are tightly coiled. So, it takes time to detangle our hair with a wide teeth brush/comb. Which makes the whole styling process long. So, we come up with many creative ways to keep our hair looking great; while not wanting to do any or very little working in the morning before we get our day started. It doesn't matter the age. Crochet is for all women of all ages. There are so many styles and techniques to crochet that can take 2-8 hrs. The time depends on the size and length of the crochet hairstyle.

I personally love crochet hairstyles because it's easy to put in and take out. Yes!!! I know it can be tedious at times but, it's still not hard to do. Many of my clients wear some type of crochet hairstyle when they are on a budget, or can't get to me as often as they would like. I love crochet even more when it gets stale (old). It tends to blend in more with my natural hair pattern which makes it look natural. Usually older women like shorter crochet styles and younger women like it long. Hairstyles do have its trending time but, I think crochet will be around for a very long time.

The only con I have with some crochet hairstyles is the length and weight. When its too long it puts a lot of weight on my head. This can lead to a receding hairline and an aching neck. Young girls!!!! Please don't even bother getting into any physical fight cause you can say "bye, bye" to your hair and hairline after that.....

Anyway, crochet is the bomb overall once you find the right one for you.

What do you think about crochet hairstyles?

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